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Monday, April 30, 2007

Technorati Favorite Exchanges

I believe you have heard about Favorite Exchanges, experiment invented by Dosh Dosh. It's a way you can expose your blogs and at the same time you can improve your traffic.
If you want to be the top 100 Favorite Blogs in , you should involve in it.

The rule is very simple. You favorite back for those who had added you to their favorites. So you need to go through all of the people who have favorited you and trying to find the ones you haven’t favorited back. And it will take hours upon hours to do it.

There's a program that will help you to do the Favorite Exchanges faster. I found about this in Voluntary Death. With only one click, this program will automatically finds everyone who has favorited your blog and automatically favorites them back. Pretty cool, huh? This program is intended to save the time by automating the process and would be much faster for everyone involved. So they can spend less time on exchanging favorites and more time on writing for their blog.

If you got interest, you can download it here. It's only 2.4 MB. And for those who wants to join the game and be on the top 100 favorite blog in Technorati, I will definately favorite you back, thank's to the program. :)


Voluntary Death said...

it is a lot easier to use that program insted of clicking all those who added you one by one.

thanks for linking too.

Layla (aka Barbara) said...

Wow, very cool I will try it. I think I already added you but will double check :)

dunn said...

Thank's Chino and Layla..