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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Agloco View Bar

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Today i received email from Agloco telling me that Agloco Viewbar has been released and ready to download. Finally, after the long awaited moment, viewbar is ready to use. It was such a long wait and without any news, I almost believe that Agloco was a scam as was reviewed by many blogs. So I went to the Agloco website and login to my account. There was now a "Download the Viewbar" button. So I clicked and download the viewbar.

The display of the viewbar is exactly the same with the example in the website. The size is the same with windows task bar. Viewbar color can be altered to your liking. Choices are blue, purple, green and red. There are 2 choices on the language: English or Mandarin. The position of the bar can also be chosed to be below or at the top. Pick your liking and whatever you are comfortable with. The viewbar also contains a one click inactive button which turns it off and removes it from your screen at any time.

There is no ads shown yet. In the ads bar, it written that ads would be appear shortly. There is search box with many choices: Google, Yahoo, Windows Live, Ebay, Wikipedia, Amazon, etc.

It is also explained that you will accrue hours in your Agloco Member account, with maximum of five direct hours a month. Hours are earned during active surfing on the internet. Your referral's surfing will accumulate hours for you at a 25% rate, meaning if one of your referral's surfs for the maximum five hours you will get 1.25 (0.25 x 5) hours credited to your total referral hours. But you can only get credit referral hours up to the amount you directly surf. Meaning if you surf 3 hours but a referral surfs 4 hours, you will only get credit for the first 3 of your referral's 4 hours.

Not bad, huh?? So for those who has not join Agloco, SIGN UP NOW BY CLICKING HERE. And it's free!

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