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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

First Cheque From ClixSense

I received my first cheque from ClixSense yesterday. It's not much. Amount $8.01 after deducted $3.00 shipment fee. I set my minimum payment to $10.00 cause I want to make sure that they really pay. After receiving my first payment, I will set the minimum payment to the higher level to avoid loss of the shipment fee.

For those who never heard about this PTC program, ClixSense is a program that will pay you to view their webpages for minimum 30 seconds. The income you earn may varies from minimum $0.01 up to $5.00 for 1 webpage, it is paid directly to you every month. And there is no charge to register.

Refer others to ClixSense and earn even more. All ClixSense members are automatically enrolled in the ClixSense free affiliate program. You earn 10% of the revenues collected from your referrals. For a limited time you will be paid $5 for anyone who you refer to ClixSense who upgrades their account to a "Premium" member account.

So, no more doubt. It's been proved, I got paid. And it's free, join today by clicking HERE


Franco Yong said...

Hi Dunn,

Thanks so much for the add to the blogroll. I'm also going to link this posting on ClixSense to my http://ebizuniversity.blogspot.com. I'm going to register with ClixSense and try it out too.



Dunn said...

Thank's Franco! You're the best. :)

Franco said...

Dunn..just wanted to know if you upgraded to a paid version. Apparently there, they have must better paying views. I got $0.10 for not doing anything. Free money. Almost. Small and I don't care... hehe.e..e.e


p/s You're best too!!

Dunn said...

Hi Franco! Yes, I upgraded to premium. After upgraded, I made about $3 instantly. And after that, I received more ads to click rather than my friend who has not been upgraded. :)

ara07 said...

Thanks a lot for showing the payment proof!
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Thanks and bye!

Anonymous said...

hello.. want to try it but how to retrieve money from that cheque if there is no such bank here..

Dunn said...

you can try to retrieve the money from the local bank in your country. most of the bank can do it for with their term.

dim said...

This is great. So I can participate with this too. I was worried this is only open for US residents only.

Anonymous said...

hi how many referrals do you have as of the moment? how many more ads are added for you to view when you upgrade to premium account? i'm interested to join. do you also get a percentage of what your referrals click?

Dunn said...

I have 17 members under me, and I only promote my referral link in this site. When I first upgrade my account, I received more than 200 ads to click. About the percentage from the members under you, you can check this post ClixSense New Affiliate Program for details.