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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Drop EntreCard faster with SiteHoppin

Are you an EntreCard user? If you are, you should try SiteHoppin. With SiteHoppin, you can drop your card faster. With my experienced doing my daily card dropping routine, by using SiteHopping, I had dropped twice of my previous amount. It's easier, faster and much more practical. You can go from one EntreCard website to another with only one click.

SiteHoppin is a Web 2.5 social networking service that allows you to find, bookmark and share interesting sites by hopping from site to site instead of typing. It's a good use if you want to visit only selected sites.

So if you're an EntreCard user, all you have to do is change the tag to EntreCard, choose the category that you want or just choose shuffle for random blog view, then press the 'Tag Hop' button. And to jump to another site, you just press the 'Site Hoppin' button on the upper left side.

That's all. So give them a try, and happy dropping..

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