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Friday, May 23, 2008

Improve Your Communication Skills

Here are 6 tips you can use to improve your communication skills :

1. Awareness of your own interaction with other people is the first step in improving your communication skills.
Learn to identify which types of situations make you uncomfortable and then modify your behaviour to achieve positive results is a critical step in improving your communication skills.
You can learn to become aware of behaviours in other people that prompt you to respond in negative ways and modify your own behaviour to turn the situation into a positive experience.

2. You must accept responsibility for your own behaviour and do not fear apologizing for errors in judgment or insensitive actions. Asking others for honest feedback about the way you interact with others can be very helpful. Accept the negative feedback along with the positive and make changes accordingly.

3. Your non verbal communication is equally as important as the things that you say. Positive body language is extremely important in your interactions with other people. If your words and your actions do not match, you will have a difficult time succeeding in social situations.

4. In order to learn how to improve your communication skills, you must become a great listener. You must fight the urge to respond immediately and relly listen to what the other person is trying to communicate. Offering suggestions or criticism before you are certain of the other person's intent can only lead to frustation for both parties.

5. Improving your communication skills is a process and cannot be accomplished overnight. Trying to improve or change too many things at once will be counter-productive. You will become discouraged and overwhelmed if you attempt to change your entire personality all at once. Choose one or two traits at a time and work on those over a period of time. Learn to take advantage of your personal strengths and make a positive impact on others.

6. Maximize your positive personality traits and use them in your interactions with others. Good communication and great listening skills are the most important tools you can use in improving your communication skills. You can learn how to improve your communication skills by developing excellent listening skills, learning to resolve problems and conflicts, understanding body language, and accepting responsibility for your own negative behaviour.

Determination and self awareness will make your desire to improve your communication skills a reality. You can change your life and now is the time to start.


Tomas Karkalas said...

Thank you for the article. I was happy to rewrite your teaching into my motebook - Listening to other creates not the silence but produces the desirable peace that comes to us through thus improved our communication skills.
Thanks once again. You put all the above so clearly. I see now that listening to other is the key for becoming heard by other. Thus your article opened the door for me into the comprehension of myself.
Thanks once again.

Mo said...

Wonderful and insightful post. Have you ever read 'The Art of Conversation'?