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Wednesday, August 15, 2007


I received my first payment from ClixNCash amout $0.50 transfered directly into my E-Gold account. One thing that amazed me was, I had reached the minimum payout only in 2 weeks time and all the clicking I did it myself, which means no referral.

It possible because ClixNCash serves more ads for us to click rather than other PTR program. Other program that I joined at the same day with ClixNCash and has the same amount for minimum payout, most of them I had earned only half of the amount of my ClixNCash earning.

For those who never heard about ClixNCash, this is a Pay To Read (PTR) program. A professional online company that offers a wide range of online services and products. At ClixNCash you get paid to share this site with others and to click on links, and also offer affordable advertising that you can trust.

Paid To Click : $0.01 per click
Paid To Promote : $0.20 per cpm
Paid To Join : $0.10 per sign up
Paid To Read : $4 per cpm
Click Exchange : free advertising
Low Payout : $0.05 minimum for PayPal and $0.50 for E-Gold

When the time I published this post, I had earned another $0.10 with 1 referral. So another $0.40 to reach my next payout.

If you got interested after reading this post, please sign up as my referral by clicking HERE.


Franco said...

Hi Dunn..isn't this great!! Without do really much and we get money. I got some amount too and I've just started perhaps 5 weeks ago. Here is to a toast to much more to come, OK??



Franco Yong said...

Hi Dunn,

I've today posted a link to your blog at http://ebizuniversity.blogspot.com about ClixNCash. I thought it would be good to share your tips with others.

Warmest regards as always.


Dunn said...

Thank's a lot, Franco!
Toast to much more to come! :D
~ dunn ~