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Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Hot Dog List

Rob from The Hot Dog Truck had included my site in his viral list called The Hot Dog List. Thank's Rob!

It started with Mack Collier of The Viral Garden, who came up with the idea of giving a link boost to smaller bloggers: the ‘Z List’. As you may know, a blog’s success in terms of visibility really depends on links: more links = higher Technorati & Google Pagerank results = more people finding you. So let's join the game by promoting the list. It works!


The premise is simple: Write a post, and copy and paste my list from below into it. Make sure the links are active and correct. If your blog is on that list, remove it because your post isn’t about self-promotion. Don’t worry, because if your name is on mine, it’s on others and will spread. Add your favorite deserving blogs to the top of the list (not compulsory). Publish the post. People will notice the incoming links, and hopefully write their own Hot Dog List posts. The result will be that we all get more links pointing to our blogs, and more readers — it’s got to be good!

Key Points

1. Create a new post on your blog.
2. Copy and Paste the entire list of blog links below
3. Add any blogs that you want to include near the top of the list. (Optional)
4. Include the blog where you first got the list from, on the list in your post.
5. Make sure that all links are copied intact (use the source, Luke).
6. Publish the Post.

The List

Markeff's Boudoir
Mind Body Spirit And Fluttering Thoughts
Financial Independence
The Rocky Mountain Retreat
Writing From The Inside Out
Thinking Tunnel
Much Of A Muchness
Awannabe's Hangout
Brown Thoughts
Football Round Ups
Coffee, Tea or Baabooo
Blog -Blond
What U Did Today
One Old Green Bus
Tiny Voices in My Head
Comedy Plus
You are in My World Now
Life With Heathens
what I think about...
Wonderful Thoughts
Writing In Faith
The Hot Dog Stand
The Wired Kayaker
A Bunch of Stuff
The Porch Light
Winning Football Picks
Valuable Lessons We Can Learn From Children
John Chow dot Com
The Life of Ben, a Polymer Man
Trik's Gulch
Peety Passion
Our Cheating Ways
$ Secret Money Blog $ By : Bob Matharoo
Notes of an Asian Gastronomist
Journey of a Lifetime
A little piece of me
NoDirectOn (not: NoDirection)
An American Peyote Scribble
Let's Share Feelings
Tales of Prinzcess Prinzcy
The Blogger's Block
Laane on the World
Danny Danny Wakeup It's A Beautiful Day Today
The Political Realm
How to Earn Money Blogging
Electric Writer
About Every Little Thing
Dumb Ox Daily News
TwistedSister.....totally pissed off!
When I grow up...
Weird Websites
The Hot Dog Truck
My Interesting Files
The Dwacon Blog
Just a Girl From LA
Chronicles: Alan B. Rowley II - Success Coach
IdiotBrain - Because People are Stupid
The Kerala Articles
Eternal Echoes
The 15 Minute Dating Blog
Going The Wong Way
the hidden side of a leaf
Word Life!
Why Buy Used Cars
Cubicle Denizen
n E o A u T e U r
The Weight Loss Blog
Sea GlassPowerWealth.com
Bimbo with a Twist
Terri Terri Quite Contrary
Syaf The Geek
Disjointed Intelligence
Aussie Bush Food
Growing Linux Events and News Spot
Joe Schroeder Uncovered
What the...?!
Advertising for Success


stubsy said...

Thanks Dunne, I will do this list when I get back from Fishing on Tuesday :-)

hotdogman said...

Thanks for supporting the Hot Dog List!

awannabe said...

I have tried this before with a Technorati faves train and I can't get it to work. When I "copy" the list to my clipboard, it only copies the titles of the sites on the lists, not the link to them. So I'm losing all the links in translation. How do I copy "Everything" so I don't lose anything?

Dunn said...

@stubsy : hi mark. you're most welcome. happy fishing.

@hotdogman : it's my pleasure, rob.

@awannabe : this is what i did.
i highlighted the list, then i clicked the right button of the mouse, then clicked copy. and then in blogger new post, in the compose section (not the html), i just pasted them. if this doesn't work, try view the source of the page. and copy the list and the link.

Barbara (aka Layla) said...

Hey, thanks for adding me! I will work on this tomorrow :)

Dunn said...

Hi Barbara. It's my pleasure..