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Saturday, May 12, 2007

All Women Are Beautiful

A boy asks her mother, "why are you crying?"
"Because I'm a woman", tells her mother.
"I don't understand", says him back.
The woman puts her arms around the child and whispers sagely "and you never will, son."

The boy then went to his father and asks, "why does Mom cries without a reason?"
"All women cry without reasons, son" was all that the father could answer.

Now, the boy has turned into man and the question still lingered. He finally reached to God and asks "Lord, why women easily cry?"
And God says:
"When I create a woman, she has to be someone special. Her shoulders should be just broad enough to carry the world, and yet slender enough for comfort."
"I give to her inner strength, so she may carry forth and bear her child and accepts rejections that often comes from her children."
"I give her perseverence to make her stand like rock when others give away, that she may take care of her family blissfully during tiresome and strenous days to come."
"I give her a receptive heart that she may loved her children the same, even when they break her heart."
"I give her might so she could stand beside her husband through all failures and be that missing rib to guard his heart."
"I give her wisdom that a good husband does not hurt her, but often tests her depth and dedicated heart, so that she may stay by his side with all faith."
"And finally I give her tears so that she may uses it whenever she needs to."

"Do you know; The beauty of a woman is not shown through the clothes that she wears, nor the way she perpetuates herself, nor the way her hair is combed."
"The beauty of a woman is in her eyes, because that is the door to her heart, where love is..."


choc mint girl said...

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Dunn said...

Hi Choc Mint Girl. Thank's for visiting. Will check out your blog later. Cheers..