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Monday, May 14, 2007

Feed Link Chain

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I was wondering around, visiting my communities websites, and I was hooked in Sapphire Knight's site. His latest post is about Feed Link Chain.
Feed Link Chain is a blog Link game that is gaining in popularity and it is going to help you increase your Feed Readers.

RSS subscriber based is one of the key factors to measure the success of a blog. That is how popular the blog is and what is the “reach”. For example, ReviewMe.com used this to evaluate the value of a blog when determining how much the blog should get if it review a product or service by the advertisers.

Here's the rules :
  • (1) Add your name and the feed link to the chain along with the names and feeds of three blogs that you would like to include.
  • (2) Simply publish the new list to your blog and allow your readers to participate in the game by continuing the chain.
  • (3) Link back to me in your post and make a comment here with the three sites you’ve added; I’ll add them to the list on my site so that others, when copying the list from my site will be propagating your three as well!
All the blogs mentioned in the chain are worth reading so do add them to your feeds and spread the word around. Visit Feedburner for a URL feed for each site if you don’t already have that.

The List :


Bob said...

Thanks for keeping the list going :)

Dunn said...

It's my pleasure, Bob!

Dude said...

hi dunn! Thank's for including my sites in the list. here are the sites that I had added :

Dunn said...

Hi Dude! Had added them to my list. Thx.

Brown Baron said...

Thanks for adding me to the list :)

Dunn said...

Hi Baron! It's my pleasure.