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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Instant Buzz, Free Targeted Traffic

Click here to get highly targeted free traffic

Instant Buzz is a service that gives you advertising credits as you surf the web like you normally would. What you do is download the toolbar for free, it only takes a minute. Then, you set up your ads in the members area. And, your ads are being displayed on other members' tool bars as they surf. You could simply browse the web and send personal emails like you normally do and you'll begin earning Advertising Credits instantly.

Unlike other traffic generation programs that force you to do unnatural things (like click on ads which are uninteresting to you), Instant Buzz is totally voluntary, unobtrusive, seamlessly integrated into your computer and extremely effective.

They have 3 advertising format :

The Instant Buzz BarAds
This is the basic format that all members must participate in. All you have to do is install Instant Buzz and a tool bar is now displayed on your Internet Explorer browser. In this tool bar we display "BarAds" from other Instant Buzz members. Every time you surf to a new web page you earn BarAd Credits. As you earn more, your ad will begin appearing on the Instant Buzz Bar of other members.

The Instant Buzz MailSpace Ads
This system allows you to exchange ads at the top of your outgoing emails. Every time you send an email as you normally would, you'll be earning MailSpace Ad credits. As you earn credits, your ad will appear at the top of literally thousands of other Instant Buzz members' outgoing emails.

HyperSpace Ads
All you have to do is place the HyperSpace Ad code on any (or all) of your web pages and you will earn HyperSpace Ad Credits every time someone visits one of your pages. Then, as you earn credits, your ad will be displayed on the web pages of other Instant Buzz HyperSpace users. This means your ad could literally be seen by millions.

If someone likes your ad and is interested in what it says, then they click on it and end up on whatever site it was that you were promoting. Now that's targeted traffic!

Click here to download this free tool or get more information about Instant Buzz.


Rather than deleting this post, I choose to write the update about this. So others can be aware.


Anonymous said...

While filling out my info for this service i got a security alert. Along with my instant buzz came a trojan horse. my security software foung the virus @ my C:Program Files\instant buzz\1BBAR.dll. Thought the software was 100% virus free. Still working to kill the virus

Dunn said...

Sorry to hear that! Will warn others about this. Thank's for your comment about this.