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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Free Ad Space Giveaway

Do you realize many blogger selling their 125 X 125 ad space in their blog? The prices are various within the blogs. The lowest that I've seen is $5.00, but usually the average is $10.00 to $20.00 for one month. And having our ads visible in other blogs we expect more traffics to our site.

How about putting your ads for one month period with no cost? impNERD.com is having a contest that the winner will receive an ad spot for the month of February on the right side of the page plus an additional non-nofollow link on the winning post announcement. A runner-up will also be chosen to receive a text-link on the winning post. Since there's nothing to loose, why don't we give it a shot?

Contest Rules :
Each item is worth a certain amount of entries. When the contest ends all entries will be given numbers, then will randomly select a number that will state who won the contest.

Here is how the entries will be given:

For your entries to be given out you must comment on the post saying what page you linked from, your Technorati name, or by using your email address within the comment form if you subscribed by email. All entries must be entered by January 31st, the winner will be announed on the following day. So, good luck!

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