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Thursday, November 22, 2007

GPS - The Tracking Device

GPS stands for Global Positioning System, a useful tool for map-making, land surveying, commerce, and scientific uses. It's a U.S. space-based radio-navigation system that provides reliable positioning, navigation, and timing services to civilian users on a continuous worldwide basis. It provides accurate location and time information for an unlimited number of people anywhere in the world. In short, anyone with a GPS receiver, the system will provide location and time.

There are many company that provide GPS system in the market. One of them is GPS Insight.

GPS Insight is a hardware and web software-based vehicle tracking product which is the technical leader in the GPS tracking field. Why do I say leader? Because GPS Insight is the only company who provide trivial to install hardware, means the system will be plug directly into the vehicles diagnostics port. Their products are the only product which gets direct engine diagnostics such for fault codes, speed, fuel consumption, odometer readings, idle time, etc. And what amaze me the most is, their product gives 2 minute updates with VERY high end map options and customizations.

GPS Insight target customers are those in service and trucking companies, such as roofing, plumbing, construction, sales forces, delivery vehicles, long haul trucking, etc. For those companies, GPS electronic instrumentations not only tracks the vehicle fleet movement but also the vehicles and the drivers performance on the road, giving a report every 2 minutes with cost $1.50-2 per day per vehicle.

With this performance, you can monitor the routing efficiencies, fuel saving, and no more labor paid when they aren't really working. That's why this is absolutely necessary.

GPS Insight provides you same day shipping, 24/7 support and 30 days money back guarantee. You can ask for the free trials or live demonstration in your office, any location or via WebEx presentations.

If you have interest of using GPS, try them out. So you can see the difference in both product and support. To find out more about GPS Insight, you can visit their blog to check out advices and comments from their customers.

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