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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Court Reporters

Have you ever heard about court reporters? I haven't until I came across Huseby,Inc. A national association of certified court reporters specializing in providing state-of-the-art services to law firms of all sizes. They provided instant real-time transcripts to the court and counsel.

Any litigator knows about the volumes and volumes of documentary evidence that can and does get produced in litigation. Managing all that information effectively and then presenting it in a powerful presentation is what lawyers try to do every day. Documents that are going to be used in a trial can now be placed on CD-ROM, which is then carried to the courtroom. With a laptop computer, special software, plus monitors linking the participants, documents, videos, photos, reenactments and models can be presented in an extremely effective manner.

Huseby,Inc. is a court reporting agency you can count on. It's an association of Registered Professional Court Reporters, Certified Legal Video Specialists and Professional Legal Service Providers, providing Nationwide court reporting services, video services, litigation support services, and document management, which may include scanning, coding, bates labeling and copying.

The services they offers such as CD containing transcripts & exhibits with every deposition, condensed transcripts with word indexing with every deposition, web-based document repositories, bates numbering, subpoena services, large volume document scanning with TrialPro, FileNet, Summation, I-Pro, Sanction and other fulfillment services, video-teleconferencing available at most locations, and many more.

Some cases they have served such as the murder trial of basketball star Michael Jordan's father in Lumberton, North Carolina, Zantac patent rights case Burroughs Wellcome vs. Barr Labs and Glaxo vs. Novopharm in Elizabeth City, North Carolina and the $750 million class action lawsuit against defunct evangelist Jim Baker and the PTL Organization.

With all the changes happening in the field of information technology, and the demands on litigators increasing every day, by using Huseby,Inc, lawyers in all specialties can benefit from and should keep up with all the latest advances.

The corporate headquarter is in North Carolina. But you can easily schedule a court reporter anywhere in the United States such as Florida Court Reporting Agency, or you can find California court reporter or New York court reporters, which is closer to your area.

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