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Thursday, December 20, 2007

I Want to Win A Spaceman Moppel LED Light

Gobala Krishnan from EasyWordpress is having a Christmas Gifts Contest in his blog. There are 5 gifts for you to choose. And to participate is very simple. All you have to do is write a post about the contest. The title should contain the name of the gift you want to win. And I want the Spaceman Moppel LED Light, since I need one for my desk. And I think the design is cool.

The Spaceman Moppel LED light is the coolest desktop organizer around. It’s magnetic hands holds anything you want it to, and you can bend and flex this Spacemen into any position you want to. Each foot has two power magnets, so the Space Man can stand in almost any pose, any direction, and any gravity! The arms, legs, and neck are super bendy, too.

One hand is molded to hold a cable or two, and the other is a strong alligator clip for securing notes, thin wires, or anything else your mind can imagine. With a push of the button, your Space Man Moppel’s head will illuminate an area of your workspace in a soft, white, LED glow. And there is nothing as lovely as an LED glow.

The contest will be closing soon. So if you want to enter, you better hurry. Check out his post about the contest for details.


Margaret said...

Congratulations on winning the light!


Dunn said...

Thank you Margaret! :)