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Friday, December 7, 2007

The Spreader Of Love Award

Billy Warhol from Billion Dollar Baloney has awared me THE SPREADER OF LOVE AWARD from The Love Blog. Thank's Bill. So here is the badge for my award :

All I ask in return for presenting this award to anyone blogging out there, is that you include the following information in the blog post along with the image below:

This blog has been awarded The Spreader of Love Award created by The Love Blog (http://iamlove.blogspot.com), for an outstanding demonstration of blogging love.

Nominate as many or as few as you feel you need to !

So here is my nominations :

Kumo from Toast & Egg & Me, can't wait for his next post, since his posts are always interesting, informative and are must read files.

Suntze from Thinking Tunnel, thank's for always be there for me.

Franco from Mind Body Spirit and Fluttering Thoughts, your supports all this time means a lot to me. Thank you so much.

Barbara from Writing From The Inside Out, I like her writing. The way she expressed herself or whatever that crossed her mind, leaves a deep impression on me. Thank you for being my friend. You are such a wonderful person.

Awannabe from I Don't Know Where I'm From, you are my first friend since I was born in this blogsphere. Thank you for your support all this time, and the friendship that you offered. It's priceless...

1 comment:

awannabe said...

Wow, thank you so much for this award. It means a lot.