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Sunday, December 2, 2007

Guide To Web Hosting

I read one article written by a blogger saying that it is important to host our own site. It has more benefit and better result such as boosting the rank higher in search engine and many more.

But finding the right web hosting that suitable with our need is not that simple. Especially when we still new about all this stuff. That's one reason why I haven't host my own site.

Came across Web Hosting Choice, a free guide to choosing the right web host for our personal or business site. For those who are new to webhosting , they have created a learning area which explain the basics of web hosting. From a quick start guide that will have you on your way to creating a web site. It's very usefull especially for newbie.

They have a specific feature that we will need, from Unix Hosting to needing MS SQL provided by webhost. They have created a web hosting plans directory to help quick find web hosts that provide such features. They also have an advanced search page that allows you to pick every single feature you want with web hosting.

Check them out, maybe you will find Web Hosting Choice as a useful resource.


The Skinny Man said...

I've considered hosting my own stuff.

There are loads of free solutions out there, but it won't give you the finishing touch which perfectionists need.

But the problem is that you must be devoted to make it good enough so people place it in their bookmarks let alone sign up to your feed.

And for a sporadic blogger like me, it seems counterproductive for my small small hip pocket.

Good luck! :D

Dunn said...

One thing that stop me from hosting my own stuff is nobody near me that i could ask if i lost. :(