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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Increase Traffic To Your Site

It's very important to know everything about your readers. Where they came from, and which posts they're reading. By knowing which posts and categories that got more interest, will help you to increase your readers. Cause you will then be more focus and write more about those topics. There are widgets that will help you to get the real time informations about live traffic feeds or the most visited posts.

Live traffic feeds will tell you how your visitor got to your site. Maybe by clicking the link love from other blog, your link in the social bookmarkings, or direct visit by typing your URL in their browser. By knowing where your readers came from, you can attract more readers by being active in the certain way. Example, if most of your readers came from Stumble Upon, then you should be more active in Stumble Upon by visiting other stumble blogs, stumble more pages, adding more friends, and give more reviews. By doing this, you will increase the traffic to your site, especially from Stumble Upon.

Information about your popular posts also will help you increase traffic to your site. By knowing which post that got more visited and interest from your readers, then you should be more focusing on the topic or categories related to the popular posts. It will make your readers come back for more, and hopefully they will add you to their social bookmarkings or subscribe to your feed.

Feedjit is the site I found that provide the widgets, such as Live Traffic Feed, Live Traffic Map, Live Page Popularity and Live Recommended Reading. They are showing the real time of your traffic and activity. They are all free. No need to register to get them for your blog or website. They are also extremely lightweight widgets and won't slow your site down.

MyBlogLog members also can get their sites statistic such as where the readers came from, what readers views and what readers clicked. But it's not live. The latest information you will get is yesterday statistics. Unless you upgrade your membership to Pro which cost $3.00 per month or $25.00 per year.

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