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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

More Traffic with Entrecard

Yesterday in his site Toast & Egg & Me, Kumo posted about Entrecard, a new program that will help you to increase traffic to your site. It is a new site with new method to promote your blog. The whole system is base on your blog popularity, your hard work and first come first serve basis.

First you create a 125×125 button that represent your blog. Sign up EntreCard and place the required widget on to your blog. Next you’ll go around clicking on 'Drop Yours' on others blog. This will earn you credits that you need to advertise on other blogs. So, the more you click the more credits you get.

The credits that you earn can be use to advertise in other people blogs. The button will appeared at the blog chooses for 24 hours each time you purchased. Meaning that you’re able to get a 125×125 button ads of your blog buy just using the credits you earn.

As EntreCard is still new and the credits needed to place the button at well known blogs are still possible for you to grab. So sign up and make your reservation now. And don't forget to drop your card here. :)

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