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Friday, December 28, 2007

Self Defense

One day my daughter asked for my opinion about the extra curriculum in her school. Every student has to choose one subject, and her choices that she got interest only basket or tae kwon do. Without second thought I directly suggested her to choose tae kwon do. Because for me it's important for her to have some skill of martial arts for her self defense, especially because she's a teenager already.

I realize that I can not always be with her all the time, to protect her. At least if I know she has some skill of martial arts, she has the capability to protect her self and it makes me less worried.

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Close Combat Training is the only one method of self-defense that has been documented and statistically proven effective under any circumstances, for any individual regardless of their age, gender, experience, or physical ability. It plain and simple. You can be frightened for your very life, faced with a gun, being held at knife point, or being attacked by someone bigger, stronger, and meaner than you, and you will still be able to save your life using Close Combat every single time. No other martial art or self-defense method can say this.

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